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“Beautiful view , awesome food and drinks, and friendly service !!”
Reviewed September 14, 2011 NEW
Don’t miss the Pitahaya Margarita, a.k.a the Purple Dragon… amazing !! food is great here too, we tried the fish tacos, nachos, even chips and salsa were great !! i could just sit there all day admiring the view too…… make sure you drive the golf carts from town, or the resorts, or you might miss this place !!! it’s about halfway to town.

Visited September 2011



Dave Bunce

Dave Bunce

“Gotta stop here!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 16, 2011

This is a fun place with beautiful view! It’s a must see. We only had appetizers and they were fine, but the menu has many choices ~ way more than the usual bar choices. Opens at 11 am and we got there early and enjoyed ourselves with only a handful of people there. We did not go at night, so I cannot comment on the nightlife there.


“Nothing but fun….”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 16, 2011 NEW

Beer while relaxing in the tubes….nothing like it….Make sure to try the stick shots….we never laughed so hard in our lives. A great place to have a great time.


“Worth biking over the bridge – FUN bar, amazing view!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 17, 2011 NEW

The folks at Xanadu suggested we bike to this bar, and I’m really glad they did. We enjoyed sipping and talking amidst a fun crowd, over the water, with great drinks. I’d be sure to go here at least once while on Ambrigris Caye!


“Good food, ambience, great place to cool off.”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 18, 2011 NEW

We were quite surprised when we stopped off here for a Belikin. The owners are very friendly and helpful. The food was absolutely delicious, we were surprised. A fun place, just a palapa on the ocean off a pier. Can sit on an intertube in the water drinking your beer. What fun! Great place to “lay back” for the afternoon.


“Palapa Bar Never Disappoints”

Have been before and will always go back. Scott & Jodie make everyone feel welcome and have done great things with the Palapa Bar! Love the new sun deck, more room for fun and games. The drinks are perfect, and if not – they will go out of their way to make it right! The staff is friendly and enjoys hearing your stories and will stay open as long as the customers keep coming. The food is fantastic (try the lobster). The view is out of this world! Thanks guys – see you again (not soon enough).


I love the Palapa Bar. Nothing better than an afternoon of floating on the inner tubes drinking Belikin!


We cruised our cart north over the bridge to your place on Thursday, August 4th. There were very few people there when we arrived, but the staff was lively. We had a great meal looking right out over the water, we (Me, Elaine, Melissa and Adam) left our marks at various places on your deck and railings, and, just before we left, I traded the shirt off my back (literally, my Dallas Mavericks Championship t-shirt) with one of the guys for his Palapa “Livin the Dream” t-shirt. It was a great time!! Thanks guys!!


this is the best place on the island!!! visited last summer and had the best time making new friends, eating super food and of course the great drinks. the bar had a great atmosphere and the employees were doing such a great job! we left our “mark” and we will return !!!!!!!

ron and sharon eubanks

Scott & Jodie–Palapa was definitely the highlight of our stay in San Pedro/Ambergris Caye! There is nothing better than having a drink with friends overlooking the beautiful ocean and then being able to jump right in afterward and sit on one of your tubes right on the water. The welcoming & relaxed vibe of Palapa made us feel instantly at home and excited to be in Belize. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our vacation!


I thought the view from the water taxi the first time I arrived was great but on my second trip by golf cart the view was even better with the lights on top of the bar and the ocean in the background.

The bartenders are fantastic. Luis and Ivan were great fun. We showed up on lobster night and the lobster tail was cooked to perfection and the price was unbeatable. If you hang around for any amount of time you will likely get in a chat with the owner. Scott was the best host.

You can’t find a better place to have a Belikin or any other rum concoction you can dream up. There’s also no better place to leave your mark on the island. You can’t prove you were in San Pedro until you’ve written your name somewhere (anywhere you want) on the Palapa Bar.


The food and drinks were the best we had in Belize!! The atmosphere and view were fantastic! The owners were so friendly and personable! The staff was great!


Had some good appetizers and drinks at the Palapa Bar. Loved the atmosphere there. Being over the water and under a palapa made the atmosphere excellent. Didn’t mind the location being a few miles north of the cut since that gives it its own space. We even swam under the bar for a little while just to say we did it. Fun times!

Dr Feel Awesome

Hey Scott and the Palapa Bar family…gave a little ‘street cred’ your way on “”. said your Panty Rippers were the best on the planet. Still have a few of ‘em to visit, but, I gotta believe this is a totally accurate statement. God bless the reef!
Jared Petentler
FF Pumper 2
IAFF Local 781

Jared Petentler

WOW!!! about sums it up! Great concept. Incredibly beautiful location. Great, laid-back atmosphere. Cold beer. Wonderful staff. Lots of writing on the walls, floors, beams, etc. where anyone can write almost anything they want. Open air with 360° view. Probably our favorite place on the entire island.

Southern Beach Girl

Rare, well done. Excellent Lobster fair priced, great beach atmosphere and owners who are there all the time and have the GAS factor (give a sh%$T factor). Cast iron cooking, slow smoked wings, home made hot sauce. Excellent place to be on the water with a cocktail in their tube floating section. Very friendly.

J. Herer

We travel to Ambergris Caye 2 times a year for two weeks and of course visit the Palapa Bar almost everyday! The view is great…the food and drinks are excellent as well as floating around in inner tubes while having beer lowered down to us in a bucket…now how convenient is that? And if you’re having a birthday…well just ask Keith…he’ll tell you there’s no better place to PARTY ON YOUR BIRTHDAY THAN THE PALAPA BAR!!!! But, IT’S THE STAFF…they are second to NONE…ALL OF THEM! We will be returning to Ambergris Caye in November and again returning to the Palapa Bar.

Island Life

Just got back today and Palapa Bar and Grill is THE go to spot. So great, we hit it up twice. Great convo with the employees and other guests. Be sure to try the shot stick- line your friends up at the bar and fill shot glasses. Line them up in a wooden stick and take a shot together. Make your presence- they provide markers to write your name on the wall. You can even hang out in the water in a inner tube and they will send drinks down to you. We went during Lobsterfest and their lobster is awesome. Gotta check it out.

Travel Bug

The Palapa Bar was our favorite place to hang out while we were in Ambergris Caye, and we were there at some point almost every single day. We became friends with the bartenders, had fun with the owner, and met great friends from all over while there. The atmosphere is great, the service is wonderful, and it’s just a good time. The food is yummy, and the drinks are just as good-I highly suggest the Banango. LOVE the Palapa Bar and proudly wear my shirt here in the States. :-)

J. Smith

I came here twice on my last visit to Belize. Found it by accident. Love the laid back atmosphere and the drinks are the best on the island. The blue hole lemonade is the best.


While having an afternoon bike ride my friends and I stumbled across Palapa’s. The sec we walked in we were greeted by the most friendly bartenders..they initially made us laugh when they said it must be hat day since all four of us were wearing straw hats. The view from the bar was beautiful…looking over the blue waters of was breathtaking. I tasted most of the drinks on the menu and my recommendation would be the watermelon whatchamacallit and the mojito…make sure if you ask for a “kick” in the drinks you are prepared for it…haha. We loved it so much that we came back the next day. The second time we were there we took our drinks to the water and floated on the inner tubes they have outside the bar.. Overall is you are looking for a fun place to go and great people this is a must!


“One of the 7 Wonders of Belize” – Headed back to enjoy the 7 Wonders of Belize
(1) Palapa Bar
(2) Blue Hole
(3) Reef Snorkeling
(4) Cave Tubing
(5) Zip Lines
(6) Lobsterfest
(7) Mayan Ruins

You can’t come to the Cayes without visiting the Palapa Bar! The heart and sole of good friends, good food, and a great time can be found anytime of the day or night. Reviewed June 5, 2011

NW Travel Bug

Best place for an afternoon Belikin while the rest of the world is working. No trip to Ambergris Caye is complete without at least one visit to the Palapa. While we are enjoying ice cold Belikins from our perch, we watch the boats go by and the waves break out on the reef and it seems as if time stops. My husband and I go each year and every time, as we walk up the steps and find seats overlooking the clear blue water, we can feel ourselves make the transition from rest-of-the-world time to island time. Kudos to your new waitstaff – Ivan and Wendy for their welcoming smiles!


THE MOST FUN on the island! This place is a must see and the view is WONDERFUL! Party at lunch, dinner, sunset, etc. I loved meeting everyone and the location is perfect for anyone visiting San Pedro. Make sure to have the water taxi drop you off for some lunch and great drinks! You will LOVE IT!

The Pinkstaffs

The Palapa Bar is a “must see” in San Pedro! My family and I travel to Belize at least twice a year and we go to the Palapa Bar everytime… okay… almost every day! The staff is ALWAYS friendly, and helpful! While at the Palapa Bar, drinks abound, snorkeling is incredible, the food is fresh and delicious, and the view is unbelievable. So while you are visiting Beautiful Belize, make sure to stop by at the Palapa Bar….. heck.. we just might be sitting next to you!


Perfect on the water restaurant with the best fish tacos in the world. The Palapa bar and grill has the most beautiful views, great sunsets and warm breezes all day long! Wonderful place for an afternoon “rita”. Scott and Jodie are perfect hosts who make you feel part of their family, always freindly ,warm and happy to see you, as are their staff. In addition the food is outstanding. The best fish tacos in the world.


Our experience at Palapa bar was fantastic! We met the owners Scott and Jodie and spend the better part of the day talking with them and relaxing. Our lunch was really good and lounging in the tubes while our beer was lowered to us in a bucket was one of the more memorable parts of our trip. Palapa Bar is Great!

Philis Monroe-Shaw
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