The Palapa Bar

Have the coolest drinks at the coolest spot on the island!

Specialty Drinks

Fresh kiwi fruit, lime and pineapple, mixed with Tropically ___. Fresh & Delicious!

Fresh natural Watermelon blended and served over crushed ice with White and Coconut Rum.

Pineapple juice and coconut rum – a Belizean favorite!

Made with fresh, local coconut water, rum and fresh mint. Very light and refreshing.

Diver specialty! – Caribbean Limeade with a touch of Blue Curacao.

3 rums, Tripple Sec, mango, pineapple and a squeeze of fresh lime. Not too sweet – not too sour!

Fresh banana and mango blended with local rums. Delicious, smooth and fruity!

Fresh lime, Triple Sec and vodkas, blended then chilled – a light, thirst quenching, refereshing drink.

Margarita with added twist of Pitahaya fruit, also known as the Purple Dragon!

Palapa Bar Shots

Kahlua, Baileys and Banana Liquor. You may never come back to earth!!!

Vodka, Frangelica, lime and sugar. Happy Birthday to your taste buds!

Chilled Absolute Citron and Triple Sec, a perfect after dinner shot. Not too strong! 

Made with fresh, local coconut water, rum and fresh mint. Very light and refreshing

Palapa Shot Stick

Come on… you know you (and 4 of your closest friends) want to take a shot from the Shot Stick!

Float in our Tubes

Float the day away in the warm Caribbean Sea while sipping on Icy Cold Belikins… There aren’t too many things more relaxing than this!

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